Great ‘electrical speak definitions’ on the Elecsa site which should help you householders understand some of the terms and phrases we sparkys use.

See the page here: Sparky Speak

Here’s a few of the key ones:

AC – Alternating Current
Amp – Unit of electrical current
BS 7671 – The wiring regulations which is the standard that electrical installations must adhere to
Consumer unit – Might also be referred to as a Distribution Board, Board, Wylex Unit, Fuse Board, Mains, Mains Board, Consumer Box, Split Load Board or 17th Edition Board
Current – A measure of electricity flowing in a circuit
DC – Direct Current
Earthing System – Description of the type of earthing system in use
IP Rating – A rating given to an item for differing degrees of ingress i.e. solids, moisture or water.  Most typically quoted for products being used outside or in bathrooms
Minor Works Certificate – Used for an addition to an existing circuit that records the results of tests that must be undertaken to prove the system is safe to be energised.  Once the system is energised, it then records all of the live test results.
Short Circuit – A fault occuring between Line and Neutral
Spur – An extension to a ring or radial circuit
Watt – Unit of electrical power